One Mason Jar at a Time

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One Mason Jar at a Time

It is no secret that the World around is evolving at a neck breaking pace.  Our oceans are in serious danger, our food is contaminated, we live in an outdated and broken political system.  Not to mention, climate change is becoming more real everyday.  Even a person living what is considered a comfortable life is experiencing stressors beyond anything our ancestors have.  Many of us feel helpless to assist ourselves let alone try to tackle the gravity of what is going on in the entire World.  

I have felt the same way myself for so many years.  Wanting to do my part but feeling obligated to participate in the very things that are destroying our planet.  Not great for the self esteem.  I was overweight, severely sick with crippling rheumatoid arthritis, my kids were being raised by a daycare (an excellent one, thank GOD), my husband and I barely made eye contact let alone have a meaningful conversation.  

Things rolled on like this for some time until one day a thought struck me while sitting in my office at work.  At the time, I was working as a Financial Services Manager for a fancy car dealership.  Through the glass door of my office I could see customers and salespeople milling around.  They seemed disconnected.  Going through the motions of a life that was created by a society of materialism.  No one looked happy.  Not even the guy who was about to purchase a $350,000 car.

A sudden realization occurred in that moment; there is no way a person can make a difference when she is participating in a system that she can't relate to.  The only way for me to move forward is to live as the person I was meant to be.  I left that job shortly thereafter and set out into the unknown with a few ground rules.

My Rules Were Simple:

1.  Help Other Humans Live a More Fulfilled Life

2.  Be present For My Family Above All Else

3.  Earn a Fulfilling Income Doing Meaningful Things in the World

4.  Find a Tribe

5.  Do Everything With Authenticity, Venerability, and Purpose

That was 4 years ago.  At the time I had no idea what was going to happen next.  I was terrified but felt like it was the right thing to do.  I had always earned a large income, especially for a female, and was afraid to let go of a life I had become so familiar with.  I hadn't realized yet that it is actually easier to earn an income being authentic and venerable than trying to play someone else's game.  

Since then my life has been an adventure that I couldn't have fathomed while living as a shell of myself.  The Universe seemed to align every step.  At the time it was more difficult to see what was unravelling.  The first thing I did was become a network marketer promoting a product that had helped me with my rheumatoid arthritis.  I was surprised at how good it felt to share something that you truly believe in.  With the help and support of an amazing team we became the fastest growing team in the company's history.  Somewhere along the way it became less about the product and more about the people.  I got to live out my life long dream of speaking in front of thousands of people on topics about self care, motivation, authenticity and leadership.

It was a wonderful time in my life.  When it started to wind down it was time to move to where my heart was beckoning me to go to next.  I have always had a deep urning to live outside of the city and learn live in harmony with nature.  My husband and I sold our house in the city in 2016 and started building our dream.  A rancher style house with guest house on 10 areas in our town of beautiful Kelowna.  We were the general contractors for the build and did much of the trade work ourselves.  It was a challenging time but everyday we woke up and said, "Worth it!"

kelowna view

We are now living comfortably in our new home.  Learning how to homestead (slowly, lol), honour our bodies, build meaningful relationships, and engage in projects with purpose.  This year my husband finally took the plunge and sold the shares in his construction company to follow his own passions.  There are still lessons ahead but we have come to discover that taking leaps of faith isn't optional when it comes to living a meaningful life.

Today, is the Launch of Mason Jar Lids.  My passion and love for all things Mason Jars has been going on for eons.  Of course I would end up here one day!  The first clue should have been when friends and family started giving me mason jar themed gifts years ago.  Mason jars are so wonderful and they help to dramatically reduce our impact on the planet, especially when it comes to disposable items.

Mason Jar Lids was born because as much as I love tradition, I also believe in forward progress.  I have searched for updated lids and jars that make using them more fun.  There are a few companies changing the game out there, just not many, yet...  

It is my sincerest desire and calling at this time to do my part on this planet by helping change the way we look at and use Mason Jars.  Making them more enjoyable and easier to use.  Making them fun to incorporate into people's lives.

Mason Jars are the Answer to Many Problems:

  • They help to resolve the effects of plastic leaching into our bodies, waters, and earth.
  • They are timeless:  a brand new lid fits on a vintage jar.
  • They are versatile:  freeze them, store things in them, boil them, drink out of them, eat out of them, preserve with them
  • They encompass all the "R"s:  reuse, reduce, recycle, and a bonus up-cycle

Our Pledge:

To Make the World a Greener Place One Jar at a Time


With the Deepest of Gratitude and Love,

kristin wild

wild family kelowna

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